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december 9th: CRAFTY

"When I first drew my prompt CHRISTMAS TREE from the wicked Santa hat, I was quite stumped. Eventually an idea burrowed into my psyche ~ and a couple of characters took shape. The resulting buddy film is a celebration of all the cuddly ne'er do wells I love: Goonies, Grinches, Gremlins and my own murderous sister cats, Lola & Scout. It also fiddles with the notion that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. And sometimes, in the case of extreme crafting, you have to spill a little blood."

I'd like to thank all the filmmakers who accepted their invitation to this crazy fest. Sharing your work with the world has made the holidays very merry and a little bit dark …in other words, perfect.


BECK UNDERWOOD rarely knows what she is doing, but is always doing something. She credits her family and friends with inspiring and encouraging this questionable work ethic. Beck is very proud of her collaborations in theater, film, software & product design, publishing, and most recently, as a teacher at the LES Girls Club. She has been affiliated with Glass Eye Pix since its inception, working in various capacities on many of their films (Habit, No Telling, I Sell the Dead, Stakeland, Bitter Feast and more.) She lives in the Lower East Side of New York City with Scary Larry, a pair of sister cats and, once in a while, a boy named Jack.

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