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december 5th: FALALALALA

"My prompt was the word WREATH which derives from an old Norse word for “writhe,” a fact both interesting and irrelevant. For present consideration, wreaths are disks surrounded by sparkling lights that hover inscrutably over holiday tableaus. What do they want??"


BRYAN PARCIVAL is a Boston & Detroit-based experimental filmmaker and mixed-media artist, whose work combines animation with live-action film, puppetry, and still photography. He is a founding member of Handcranked Productions, an independent film/animation company, as well as Handcranked Film Projects, an art and film collaborative that attempts to balance commercial work with personal and eclectic artistic pursuits. Their work has won awards and screened at film festivals worldwide.


In addition, Bryan is a resident artist and directing member of the

Seafoam Palace in Detroit - a “museum” of absurdity that manifests in public performance, installation, and surreal pop-up events.


Bryan also teaches experimental film and animation classes at RISD.

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