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december 1st: GHOUL LOG

"My word for this piece was YULE LOG, for which I was both excited and perplexed. I struggled to choose between a Yule log cake and a background Yule log video loop until I finally decided to combine these themes. I loved the idea of constantly splicing soft violence with an offputtingly relaxing fire to add an additional layer of discomfort to my strange little dinner party."

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.13.28 PM.png

CHRISTINE PFISTER is a stop-motion animator, art director and textile artist based in the Hudson Valley. Using methods of fabrication typically deemed ‘woman’s work,’ she strives to create fully hand-made films. Through sewing, knitting and doll fabrication, Christine creates films based around science-fi dreamscapes, womanhood and memory tricks. 


Currently in year 3 of a stop-motion animation & live action hybrid feature film project which she is currently animating single handedly.  Working title Mamamoon.

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