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X-Mess Detritus


By Voltaire

Narration by Gerard Way

Inspired by the films of Ray Harryhausen, Voltaire started making super-8 stopmotion films at the age of ten. At seventeen, he left home and began animating t.v. commercials for NY based production company, Broadcast Arts. Over the next few years, he animated commercials for Parker Brothers, Ikea, Kelloggs, the infamous Bud Bowl series of spots for the Super Bowl and umpteen more. By nineteen he was directing award-winning station IDs for MTV including a Hieronymous Bosch-inspired piece that would later be included in a time capsule of twentieth century programming and shot into space. As a director, Voltiare has lent his unique blend of gothic surrealism and baroque whimsy to a slew of award short films. He is also a recording artist, published author of books and comics, toy designer and professor of stop-motion animation at SVA in NYC. He also created an original show called Gothic Homemaking.


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