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december 19th: LOVE, CHERYL

"I find many things about Christmas creepy... so I was more than delighted to adventure back into the darker side of the holiday spirit for round 2 of The Creepy Christmas Festival. The prompt TOYS made me think about tech toys as some of the most coveted holiday gifts, and how that plays into the obligation and expectation of gift giving within social dynamics.  This took me to the dark side of the extravagance of folks thinking they need all this "stuff" in order to experience the holiday.  Then last spring, I watched a step mom hand wash an ugly homemade platter from her step daughter's early childhood and that instantly brought the whole story together!"


DEVIN FEBBRORIELLO is a writer/director and lead producer behind Serpent Power Productions, a moving image creative studio. With an appreciation for magic realism, mysticism, dark irreverent comedy & relationship drama/psychology - her work reflects her own deep dives into love, grief, and mystery.

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