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Only one thing scares the devil....

Prompted by a STOCKING, made on an iphone.

PHANTOM LIMB COMPANY (PLC), New York City-based, is known for its phantasmagorical puppetry work and focus on collaborative, multi-media theatrical production and design. Co-founded in 2007 by artist, director and set designer Jessica Grindstaff and composer and puppet maker Erik Sanko, Phantom Limb has been lauded for particular focus on combining the body, dance and puppetry. PLC has worked with a large rotating cast of collaborators including Tony Taccone, Lemony Snicket, Danny Elfman, Jim Jarmusch, The Kronos Quartet, Gavin Friday, Ryan Heffington, Jeffery Zeigler, Dai Matsuoka and Sophie Hunter. 

For the past decade, PLC has dedicated their work almost exclusively to creating a theatrical trilogy that explores the human relationship to nature through several different lenses.  This work has taken them to Antarctica, on an expedition to discover the oldest living tree in the world and finally to Fukushima where the tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown of 2011 have devastated a wide swath of Northern Japan and still adversely affect life today.

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