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december 25th: HAPPY HORROR DAYS!

“Being asked to whisk up a closing film and Holiday greeting for GEP, using the prompt, ORNAMENT, I was inspired by the annual winter party: every guest is invited to bring an ornament for the ritualistic tree. I decided to turn Glass Eye into a tree itself, with cute and creepy gifts to share, ornaments brought by all, and a darling angel (devil?) overseeing it all.
On behalf of Glass Eye Pix, have a happy Horror-day!”

SYDNEY CLARA BRAFMAN is an award winning writer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY.  Her focus drives her to study the human condition, the irony of circumstance, the tragedy of humor and the environments they inhabit with a wicked sense of humor and style. When she's not making movies, she's passionately hating cocoa, removing stage blood stains from her clothing, and enjoying cats on the street.

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