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december 13th: a little late

This year I decided to host a Christmas party at my haunted manor. I began with a single sprig of MISTLETOE hung from the séance parlor ceiling. Soon, the decorations spread throughout my decrepit dwelling, accompanied by a mouth-watering spread of holiday hors d’oeuvres. By the eerie glow of candlelight, I waited for my guests to arrive…



The details of UNWANTED HOUSEGUEST's past are sketchy. A lonely spirit cursed to wander this Earthly plane, the Houseguest remembers only vague details of the life he once lived. Perhaps he was murdered in a ceremony of ritual human sacrifice… surrounded by cloaked, chanting participants wielding ceremonial daggers. Anyhow - now he croons from behind the dusty keyboards at Aberfoyle manor, a dilapidated Victorian mansion with a grisly history. Often the many different spirits of the house will join him for his ghostly tunes of love long lost. He offered his debut LP, Where Are My Friends?, this past Halloween. Listeners called it the most terrifying album of all time.

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