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december 8th: I COULD'VE BEEN SWEET

"Our topic, GINGERBREAD, made us think deeper about the strange tradition of eating cookies shaped like men. We dove into the psyche of a gingerbread cookie: we imagined that their goal was to be perfectly baked, iced, and enjoyed during the holidays, with the ultimate honor being plated as an offering for Santa himself on Christmas Eve. Our gingerbread man is denied a good life when a careless granny burns his batch and throws away his family’s charred bodies, leaving him hellbent on exacting revenge.


The derelict miniatures by Leighton Kelly were the perfect set. During the shoot, Leighton created little details on the fly, like the portrait of Santa with his eyes crossed out above the mantle.


The project also benefited from having some of our other go-to creative people on board:

Our DP Andy Hoffman, who makes lighting miniatures look easy and also coined the term “Ginger-B Horror”; Ariana Campyloptera, slime and snow FX queen; Ben Fee, whose wit is unparalleled; Manuel Taylor-Alcocer and his velvety smooth narration; and Gustav Baller, who crafted a truly wild soundscape and score."


ANDUJAR TWINS Identical twins Courtney & Hillary Andujar co-write, direct, and design surreal horror films. Influenced by giallo films, Westerns, and classic creature features, they live for genre narratives that are subversive, surreal, and show feminist and queer perspectives. They were 2016 AMC Shudder Labs Fellows for their feature script Lovespell, a teen scream about an erotic fantasy that causes a girl to question her sanity.

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