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december 3rd: CAVITY

"When Beck asked me to take part in the first Creepy Christmas Festival (ten years ago!) I used it as an opportunity to sink my teeth into a non-narrative After-Effects-driven animation that ended up being a music video for Nico Muhly’s Mothertongue: 1. Archive. This time around, I thought it’d be fun to approach the one-word brief of CANDYCANE in a similar manner. Having a sweet-tooth and being currently in the middle of several oral-surgery procedures (extraction, bone-graft, sinus lift and implants) I settled on the concept of submission to temptation regardless of consequence. Candy Cane here is the gateway to booze, drugs, sex and death. Thanks to all the boys and girls out there for whispering, screaming and giggling the words for me, and thank you Beck for having me back."

Glenn McQuaid - pic 2.jpg

GLENN MCQUAID is an Irish film director. He is known for his

feature film debut I Sell The Dead and as the co-creator of the audio play anthology series Tales From Beyond the Pale. He has also directed a segment of anthology horror film V/H/S and records music as Witchboard, Lunatic Asylum and Criminal History. 

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