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december 4th: FROZEN UP

"My word was TINSELwhich brings to mind images of vintage holiday photos at my grandmother's house, with metallic fringe draped on the Christmas tree. I wanted to do something in honor of her, but with a Creepy Christmas feel. I started with the song, and then decided on the imagery based on the music. There are hidden things in this piece for my grandmother, and to give it the vintage film feel, I put ink on clear film and scratched black film, and played it through a projector, and then digitized and overlapped the footage. I used tinsel pipe cleaners, felt, metallic confetti, string, a reclaimed wood table, and only used white Christmas lights to light my set. I hope you like it."

MELISSA GOODWIN SHEPHERD is a stop motion director and animator based in Los Angeles. You can see some of her animation in Robot Chicken and Tumble Leaf and some of her curious pottery in her mom's display cabinet. She loves making music and eating tacos.


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