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december 17th: MS CLAUS

" MS. CLAUS knows."



GRAHAM REZNICK is a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles.  He has directed 1 (one) feature film (I CAN SEE YOU), 1 (one) television series (DEADWAX) and released 2 (two) electronic music albums (GLASS ANGLES, R0B0PHAS1A).  With Larry Fessenden and Supermassive Games, he has written 4 (four) videogames (UNTIL DAWN, RUSH OF BLOOD, HIDDEN AGENDA, THE INPATIENT).  Only 1 (one) of these things has resulted in a Guinness World Record, but Graham has 17 (seventeen) years left to live, so he’s hopeful he’ll earn at least 1 (one) to 6 (six) more.


Download the original score by Graham Reznick at

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