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december 18th: WRAPPED

"As a group, we brainstormed ideas for our prompt, WRAPPING PAPER. We came up with the idea that you can become haunted by something you do that's wrong, like stealing. We visited a store in our neighborhood called Obscura where they sell lots of old, creepy things. The idea grew from there. We wanted to blend live-action and animation techniques we had used on other projects. We rewrote a classic Christmas carol as the soundtrack for our story. We involved the whole Lower East SIde Girls CLub family, especially when we went around filming jump scares!"


Intructors: Kelly Adams, Andrea Betanzos and Beck Underwood 

Location courtesy of: Obscura Antiques


The Lower Eastside Girls Club is a 35,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art science, technology, arts and humanities lab for teenage girls and their families. Tucked away on the edge of Manhattan Island off Avenue D. is a little slice of urban magic: a Center for Community filled with budding leaders in all fields- scientists, photographers, designers, animators, filmmakers, podcasters, activists, astronomers, dancers, writers, chefs, and future politicians. Watch out they come! 

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