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"My family’s Jewish so I didn’t get to celebrate Christmas as a kid. But I believed in Santa so would try to stay up all night and watch out the window to see if he and his reindeer landed on the house across the street from mine. My prompt JINGLE BELLS reminded me of those nights, as I fought off sleep, hoping to hear his sleigh. I never saw him, but I did build up a lot of resentments towards the guy for not including me in his rounds. This is me trying to work through them!


JENN WEXLER is the director of THE RANGER, which world premiered in the Midnighter’s section of the 2018 SXSW Film Festival and will be coming to Shudder in 2019.  She is also the producer of MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND (SXSW Grand Jury Prize 2017, Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award Nominee 2018), LIKE ME (SXSW 2017), PSYCHOPATHS (Tribeca Film Festival 2017), and DARLING (Fantastic Fest 2015).

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